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Moving to Thailand

Living and working in Thailand with visa and work permit

Offer by Save the Planet ASIA

We look after your Visa, your work permit, and your social insurance.

We value your health. Free massages, fresh fruits, as well as additional health insurance will be provided on site. Affordable medical care in Thailand is exclusive to small clinics or state hospitals, it does not include private medical treatment in renowned hospitals. It is therefore indispensable to have at least hospital insurance with high coverage. 

We offer comprehensive training during your employment. A Thai language course is included free of charge. 

Furthermore, we take care of food and lodging. There are brilliant leisure activities in the vicinity for a healthy work-life balance...

Short Thailand info

The largest tourist centers do not necessarily require you to speak Thai; most locals speak English.

People living in rural areas and wanting to stay in Thailand long-term should, however, consider learning Thai. It is part of respecting the Thai culture. Furthermore, it is useful when haggling with locals, which is part of the daily shopping routine of Thai people. 

Expatriates in Thailand dive into an entirely different culture. Numerous customs can be alien to non-Thai people and require familiarization. 

There are blunders waiting to happen everywhere. The first is the challenge of speaking the language, as well as the inability to read and write Thai. Furthermore, people in Asia tend to have a different mentality and the way they engage with coworkers, friends, as well as family is also not comparable to European, American, African, or Middle-Eastern customs.

Information on visas and driving a car in Thailand

Foreigners should enter with a Non-Immigrant Visa. Only a Non-Immigrant Visa allows you to receive an annual visa. 

Right now, the “regular” international driving permit (IDP), based on the convention of 1968 is mostly accepted by car rentals and during traffic stops but is invalid from a legal standpoint. 

We can organize a Thai driving test for you and will cover all related costs for you to remain mobile in your new home.

Move to Thailand

Your personal effects can be easily imported to Thailand.

The relocation contains the duty-free import of usual furniture and electrical devices only. Importing more than one television or other products might be subject to customs duty.  The relocation of goods is duty-free once a work permit exists and the relocation is work-related. For this, the entry must take place within a three-month period from entering the country. 

The entire relocation inventory must be listed in English as well as Thai.

It is advisable to attach receipts for electric devices.