Differential density engine

he power turbine is the world’s first differential density engine and supplies energy around the clock. 

The input energy is gained via renewable energies. On the one hand, energy consumption to produce pressurized air is rather low, the performance for air conversion, on the other hand, is rather high. This technology is based on gravity and differential density, and the media are pressurized water and compressed air. 

The pressurized overflow water is used as an additional drive of the spiral pump. The power turbine is an innovative differential engine that can be used for the conversion of low-pressure air. The pressurized air is channeled into a water-filled container, which is stored in the turbine. The power turbine turns and creates energy via gravity once the differential density is created. 

The power stems from the amount of pressurized air that was funneled into the turbine, as well as the storage time.