Construction and 3D drawing technology

... we think tank ...

Our specific section for construction and 3D drawing technology provides you with access to the most modern computer technology for end-user CAD software.

You will have the opportunity to plan and design all details of the components for subsequent material processing at the highest level.

Subsequently, the programs can be uploaded, for example directly into the production machines. Alternatively, the print job can be sent to the available 3D printers in the sections for metal and plastic printing.

The section of construction and 3D drawing technology supports you with material specialists as well as engineers.


Metal workshop

... where sparks fly ...

Our metal workshop is extensively equipped to process any metallic materials. You can choose from the entire range of hand tools and small machines to

  • drill, grind,
  • mill, or deburr;

or utilize the sheet metal processing area (press, emboss, shear, bend, straighten). The workshop has

  • welding machines, 
  • CNC lathes,
  • eroding machines, 
  • milling machines,
  • thread-processing machines, 
  • flanging machines,
  • grinding machines,

Metallic materials can also be created in the 3D printer. The painting cabin allows the application of coatings.


Wood workshop

... where wood is chopped ...

The wood workshop permits processing wood into forms or creating the first workpiece model.

You will find all the hand tools to

  • chisel,
  • plane,
  • cut,
  • drill,
  • screw, and
  • grind

as well as

  • large sawing machines,
  • boring mills, and
  • grinding machines

at your disposal.

Thus, the wood workshop serves as a local carpentry workshop that fulfills every wish.


Plastics processing

... where plastic is welcome ...

This work area processes plastics. Here, molded parts can be created.

Several professional plastic processing machines permit the creation of workpieces made from plastic granules.

  • The selection includes the
  • injection molding,
  • extrusion molding, or
  • rotational molding


The respective tools can be created in the adjoined metal workshop.

Furthermore, plastics can be glued or welded together. A plastic coating plant is also available in this area.