Living at the R&D-Farm in Thailand

How we support you

We look after your Visa, your work permit, and your social insurance.

We value your health. Free massages, fresh fruits, as well as additional health insurance will be provided on site. Affordable medical care in Thailand is exclusive to small clinics or state hospitals; it does not include private medical treatment in renowned hospitals. It is therefore indispensable to have at least hospital insurance with high coverage. 

We offer comprehensive training during your employment. A Thai language course is included free of charge. 

Furthermore, we take care of food and lodging. There are brilliant leisure activities in the vicinity for a healthy work-life balance...

How to join us:

  • Are you looking for an innovative working environment for the further development of your ideas?
  • Are you missing machines to complete a prototype?
  • You need professionals in the areas of patent protection, marketing and sales?

Contact us!

An expert panel decides on your approval as an inventor on our Farm.  We promote your work and support you extensively in research and development. For every product that reaches market maturity, up to € 10 million in funds are available from fund companies willing to cooperate. We take over their patents and transfer them to a marketing company, where you receive a significant stake.

Our marketing company covers: 

  • Legal services
  • Market analyses, product design
  • Product launch in target markets
  • Marketing via our sales network



At home on the Farm

Provision of inventor bungalow on our Farm

  • 50 m²
  • Air conditioning
  • Lake access
  • Personal multilingual contact at the Farm
  • Full board
  • Communication facilities (Telephone/Internet)
  • Health-care services
  • Access to medical care on site
  • Medical massages