Company Benefits

Our crew benefits form several advantages, for example:

Our crew benefits form several advantages, for example:

Working and developing 

  • Provision of a personal budget for projects 
  • Provision of all raw materials (metal, wood, plastic)
  • Provision of all tools required to process materials
  • Access to our modern workshops, as well as 3D drawing technology
  • Access to engineers and material specialists, use of machine park
  • Small tools and hand machines for all sorts of processing
  • Sheet metal processing (press, emboss, shear, bend, straighten)
  • CNC lathes, eroding machines, milling machines
  • Thread-processing machines
  • Presses and flanging machines, grinding machines
  • Welding machines
  • Embossing machines, saws
  • Injection molding machines
  • 3D printer for metals and plastics


With us, inventors can concentrate solely on their projects. We provide a pleasant work and residential environment with access to our modern workshops with an innovative environment and like-minded people.

Provision of inventor bungalow at our Farm:

  • 50 m²
  • Air conditioning
  • Lake access
  • Personal multilingual contact at the Farm
  • Full board
  • Communication facilities (Telephone/Internet)
  • Health-care services 
  • Access to medical care on site
  • Medical massages


The application process:

... how to join us ... 

  • Are you looking for an innovative working environment for the further development of your ideas?
  • Are you missing machines to complete a prototype?
  • You need professionals in the areas of patent protection, marketing and sales?

Contact us!

An expert panel decides on your approval as an inventor on our Farm.  We promote your work and support you extensively in research and development. For every product that reaches market maturity, up to € 10 million in funds are available from fund companies willing to cooperate. We take over their patents and transfer them to a marketing company, where you receive a significant stake.

Our marketing company covers: 

  • Legal services
  • Market analyses, product design
  • Product launch in target markets
  • Marketing via our sales network


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