People have Ideas.

The more complex an idea, the more detailed and extensive its realization. This, in particular, applies to design, development, and the production of prototypes. These kinds of projects often fail in the preliminary stages because of investment costs. 

The creation of a prototype is the most expensive variable – after research and development

Vision and reality

An environment that combines science, research, technology, and production under one roof is impossible to find. Teamwork and communication, an exchange between research, development and production in a conventional sense are rudimentary. This non-existence is detrimental to production sites and end-users.

The Farm changes precisely this.

We pursue our vision in the Chon Buri region - Thailand of establishing the "Silcon Valley" for innovations in the fields of energy, water, gases and mobility.

The challenge

We offer researchers and inventors with specific experience, knowledge and skills the opportunity to realize their ideas. The unlimited access to our workshops, which are comprehensively equipped for metal, plastic, and wood processing, as well as with 3D drawing technology, offers each inventor the opportunity to utilize one of the world’s most modern machinery pools for single-item production.

Once the prototype is developed, we cover market analysis, product launch, and marketing of the new technologies.